All of our efforts and energy are focused on the designing and building of one thing - Transformers. Our roots designing and manufacturing transformers extend back to 1929 with transformers being made in our Canonsburg facility since the 1950s. We have the proven expertise to design and build a variety of power transformer configurations including generator step-up, large OLTC autotransformers, and a wide-range of specialty transformers.

PTTI manufactures power- class substation transformers of medium and large core-form design, from the smallest padmount, to the largest Autotransformers and Generator Step-Up units - from 5MVA to 600MVA and 345kV.

Specialty Transformers

Because of PTTI’s extensive design heritage, we produce a large variety of specialty transformers, including: 
• Transit Transformers 
• Series-Multiple Voltages 
• Zig-Zag Winding Configurations 
• Three-Phase Regulators 
• Vegetable-Based and Synthetic Fluids 
• Furnace Transformers 
• Mobile Transformers 
• Unit Substations

Power Transformers